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Site Civil Office Lead

Billings, Mt · Architecture/Engineering
Position Title:
Site Civil Office Lead

Position Description:
Works under the supervision of the Department Manager and Department Technical Lead to oversee the department functions in the assigned office. 
This position is specific to our larger departments where the practicality to maintain consistent and regular adherence to department business processes, standards, and communication between team members in each office and the department leadership becomes impractical and inefficient for day-to-day leadership needs. This position will be focused on the implementation of department operating processes, standards and communication for day-to-day operational needs.
Essential Functions of the Job:
  • Implements office functions of the department team members at the direction of the Department Manager and Technical Lead.
  • Serves at the direction of the Department Manager and Technical Lead in each of their leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • May serve as Project Engineer or Project Manager on design projects.
  • Identifies office specific team needs and works with the Technical Lead to implement technical processes and methods within the department to promote design efficiency.
  • Provides mentoring and educational opportunities to Project and Staff Engineers within the assigned office.
  • Promotes an open environment and is approachable for mentoring and guidance on both management and technical issues.
  • Oversees implementation and adherence to department business processes, and standards.
  • Identifies local business development opportunities and works with the Department Manager and the Marketing Group to procure work for the Department.
  • Implements marketing duties and establishes client relationships in the geographic region of the assigned office.
  • Provides opportunities for career growth and advancement for department team members within the assigned office.
  • Responsible for identifying and recommending learning and education of staff to department and office management for approval.
  • Career track to gain experience and grow skills toward additional leadership responsibilities.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Thorough technical knowledge in the department’s area of expertise.
  • Thorough knowledge of department business process and standards.
  • In-depth knowledge of all guidelines, codes and laws.
  • Interpersonal skills to perform staff supervision, project management, and technical production of services that serve clients.
  • Communication skills that enable positive and productive interdepartmental company, and client relationships.
  • Thorough knowledge in the preparation of drawings, details, and technical deliverables.
  • Ability to establish and maintain mentoring relationships with department staff.

Required Education and Experience: 
B.S. in Civil Engineering, Licensed Engineer (P.E.) required, minimum of 4 years of engineering experience.

Physical Demands (if any): 
Field operations may include walking and standing for extended periods of time and/or lifting equipment in excess of 50 lbs.

Work Environment: 
The Office Lead Engineer must be located in the assigned office. For offices with 2 staff members or less, an office lead from another office may be assigned to the office lead role. Must be prepared for both the office environment and field operations.
Thank you,

Kodi Miller
Talent Scout
AKP Recruiting

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