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Controls System Designer

Salt Lake City, UT

Job Summary:
This role supports the development of control system submittals and other project documents.  An individual in this role selects and orders parts and manages field driven document changes.  A strong understanding of digital drafting software is preferred for this role, as this individual will be responsible for producing digital images of designs from hand sketched images developed by Account Executives or Control System Designers. Contributes to the desired safety and work culture of the organization.
Essential Functions And Responsibilities:
Design Drawings/Development:

  • Understand ductwork and piping on mechanical floorplans
  • Trace ductwork/piping to determine a good 2/3 static or differential pressure location.
  • Size valves and create schedule.
  • Create damper inquiries.
  • Size actuators for dampers.
  • Identify types of Variable Air Volume units (VAVs) needed on a project (cooling only, reheat, radiation, etc.).
  • Transfer drawings from estimator’s hand sketches to electronic drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  • Create checkout blocks within drawings.
  • Translate project plans and specifications, as determined by Senior or General Designer, into building automation system design, applying principles of HVAC systems.
  • Stay current with controls processing (PCs, Ethernet, Echelon, BACnet, RS-485, RS-422, etc.)
  • Scan point to point and sequence checkout documents into the job file.
  • Establish and maintain inventory, records, or documentation systems such as I/O from field workers, and RFIs.
  • Send RFIs up the contractor chain to receive feedback/information from the appropriate individuals.
Associates Degree (2 yr.) Required Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical 0-2 years experience
Experience and Other Qualifications:
6 years General understanding of computers, electronics, and electrical circuits and how they work together.
4 years Proficient in use/knowledge of Microsoft Office.
2 years Computer Aided Design (CAD), such as Visio or AutoCAD, software experience.
2 years Basic understanding of engineering and technology including principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment.
2 years Basic understanding of mechanical systems: what they do and how they operate
2 years General understanding of various design concepts
2 years Proficient understanding of documentation and recording process
1 year Experience in drafting, laying out, and specifying technical devices, parts, and equipment.
6 months General understanding of practices and procedures including potential impacts on various subjects.
6 months State, federal, and municipal code requirements knowledge or experience.
Required/Preferred Skills:
Required Active Listening
Required Oral and Written Communication and Comprehension
Required Adaptability/Flexibility
Required Coordination
Required Visualization
Required Interacting with Computers
Required Getting Information
Preferred Complex Problem Solving
Preferred BAS (Building Automation Systems); KMC-BACnet, Distech, Honeywell, and Niagara AX/4, programming; and LonMark programming experience
Preferred Systems Analysis
Preferred Time Management
Preferred Judgment and Decision Making
Preferred Planning and Organizing
Preferred Critical Thinking
Preferred Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
Preferred Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards
*Position Can Be Remote

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